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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Learning regular expression step by step tutorials: Step 5

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First thing to remember is that anchors doesn't match with anything. They are not available  to match with any characters but to specify to match a position before,between or after characters.They are called anchors since they provide the information of a position of match to be checked. Start of a string anchor is denoted by caret(^) symbol and End of a string is denoted by dollar($) symbol. ^ matches with first character in the string and $ matches with last character of string.

When Using Multi-Lines:

 In practicality we have strings with multiple lines for example you are reading from a file.
In those cases, we need to explicitly tell the Regex engine to find matches in Multi-Line Mode like this:
 Regex.Match("string", "regex", RegexOptions.Multiline)

There are other anchors which match characters at the beginning and end of the line only. It will not include matches that happens at/after line breaks.They are \A stands for permanent start of string anchor and \Z stands for permanent end of string anchor.

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Sameer Shaik
Free Microsoft MCTS 70-536 Examination Training and Preparation for Jobs and Interviews
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