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Monday, August 2, 2010

Value Types V/S Reference Types

Value Types and Reference Types:

  1. Value types are defined from System.ValueType  while the reference types are derived from System.Object.
  2. The stack holds the value type variables along with return addresses.
  3. The heap holds the reference type variables value.

Copying Value Types Variables:

  1. If you copy one value type variable from another, a direct copy of variable value is made.

  1. If you are curious how is it created on stack, then this is how it is looks on stack:

  1. So now when we copy the value of a to b by using the following statement:

4. Value of a is directly copied to b.

Copying Reference Type Variables:
  1. Lets create a variable of type reference. String is a built-in reference type, we will create an object of string and assign some value to it as follows:

Sameer Shaik

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