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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How i passed my 70 - 536 by nkaiseng safnate

Hi Everybody,
One of our visitors has sent me his experience of exam preparation and exam.
Below are the details :

I Booked my Exam 3 month earlier.
Please book your Exam FIRST, then start reading the book. By doing that you can be under pressure.

~ I tried reading the book first, but wasted a year trying to get ready ~

1. Plan
- create a schedule, timeframes & follow them.
- (e.g. Chapter1 Startdate -> FinishDate)
2. Action
- Read 
1. ebook_MCTS_Self_Paced_Training_Kit_70-536_NEW
2. MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536): Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 Foundation
3. As I read, i do some lab tests (open your Visual Studio while reading the book)
4. VERY IMPORTANT! Do question from the Disc, that comes with the book.
5. If you believe in Dumps, then try this.
3. Revise
- Make sure you read the book twice / again & again.
- Chapters
1. Chapter 6 Graphics -  I saw only one question from this chapter.
2. Collections,Generics,Threading - make sure you understand these topics.
 "Don't be afraid to be wrong; otherwise you'll never be right."

Contact Email :

Note from Blogger : You can contact our friend by using above email address. Hope you all pass the examination and share the experience just like our friend here.
Thank You.
Sameer Shaik 


  1. Thank you very much. I wrote my MCTS exam a few weeks ago and hey I was the opnly guy that passed at my college. I should also say from my experience It wasnt about practically programming it understanding the whole C# exam as a language just like you do English if or any other language. There was only one graphics question. I studied over 2 weeks contrary to what many told me in many blogs. You helped get ready with this post.

    The best thing you need to know is how the .Net classes and namespaces work their methods and how they are imlimented that means you have to know almost everything and all the possible methods. I cant program practicaly but I understand the language and thats what the exam expects you to do.

    Lastly thank you ver much and hey Brain dumbs worked for me dont know if they will for you but really helped me I read the vampire dumb and most questions came of that dump. That doesn't mean you shouldnt read the Study Guide though. Read the study guide too it helps to me only a few questions in the books helped me pass braindumbs did.


    Nerudo in South Africa

  2. Congratulations....Neurodo from South Africa

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    I have some questions,
    some people said that needed two months to prepare, Neruda said he had studied for only 2 weeks.
    Generally which is the average time of preparation for a person who knows C++, but knows nothing about. NET and VS?
    Is the MCTS 70-536 EXAM so hard?

    Thanks, somewhere in Portugal.

  4. Hi Antonio,
    For someone who knows C++ only and nothing about NET, you will need a minimum of three months of time for preparation.
    I guess neurodo could crack MCTS Examination in two weeks because he also took help of brain dumps.Brain dumps usually increase your chances of cracking the certification but am not sure in your case two weeks is enough time to prepare for the examination even though you take the help of brain dumps.

    What you can do is either spend 3 months of time for complete preparation for all topics or you can spend 1 month of time on brain dumps.