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Thursday, June 17, 2010

MCTS EXAM 70-536 Exam Pattern

  • Preparation guide for Microsoft MCTS 70536 Examination is available on this link  
  • Exam Preparation Guide
    Multiple Choice with Single answer: Student is required to select a single answer from a range of options (generally 4-5) by clicking on a radio button.
  • Multiple Choice with Multiple answer: Student is required to select a range of options. The number of options to select is specified.
  • Fill in the Blank: Student is required to type in the missing text to complete the sentence.
  • Exhibit-based: Note that some questions will require the student to actively use exhibits presented in order to correctly answer the question
  • Simulation: Some questions on the exam will require the user to accurately perform certain actions in a simulated Windows Server environment
  • Snippet-Based: These questions require a candidate to read code and to interpret its function, syntax errors, or means to improve the code 
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  • Sameer Shaik  
  • Microsoft MCTS 70536 Examination


  1. Hi, is this exam obsolete now?
    Now there is VS2010 and the new path is starting directly with 70-511 to be a technolgy specialist in windows application.
    No more "70-536" + "70-502/70-505"

    Microsoft unified WinForm and WPF into one single specification specialist.

  2. "The exam itself may no longer be required, but the knowledge that you would gain while studying for 70-536 is still very relevant and very useful. The "basic" knowledge of the Framework tested by that exam is no longer covered by the new certifications, which is a pity in my opinion.

    If I had to evaluate a job candidate based on his or her certifications, I would prefer someone who had passed 70-536 (plus either 70-502 or 70-505 or 70-511) over someone who "only" had one of the new certs such as 70-511."

    As said by
    Alberto Poblacion

    Now if you ask my opinion, i don't believe in racing with all the upcoming certifications,how can we test our knowledge on .net framework 4.0 when we don't know the basics of .net framework fundamentals.Just relax and make the learning a joyful experience. Microsoft is aggressive when it comes to releasing updates each and every product. No matter what the updates is, basics will still remain the same. This test includes those basics that you need to learn.
    Sameer Shaik

  3. Hi Can I ask a few question ?

    1. If I guess the answers and it is wrong, I will be discredit or not ?

    2. The maximum points of the exam is 1,000 points ?

    3. For a question which has multiple correct answers, it will specify the number or correct answers or not ?

    Thank you very much.

  4. 1. There is no penalty in any of the Microsoft exams.

    2. Exams are based on 1000 points

    3. Most of the times the question specifies the (Choose two) type information.


  5. I am a .net developer, having depth idea from beginning of the .net framework from vb time. Should i learn this to gain knowledge or ignore it. i just want to gain the certificate and some learning. please help.