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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello visitor,
Let me welcome you to our world of ever changing programming concepts.
I have started this blog to help you all understand the concepts you will be tested in microsoft certification.
It will be of great value if you can provide me information about which topics you will need detailed explanation and please mention the scale of difficulty you face with that concept.
All of this is for you.
Help me build this right for each one of you.
Sameer Shaik


  1. Hai Sameer!

    Hats Off to your work. I'm going to give MCTS next month. Can u please help me with 'Regular Expressions' which is all the more confusing and challenging? My email ID:

  2. Thank you suresh. This is exactly what am looking for.I would like each one of you to give me this kind of feedback. I will publish posts on regular expressions soon.
    Sameer Shaik